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📼 Video Production

Line-Producing, Production Management, 1st AD

Since having killed the radio star, VIDEO continues to make or break the personalities, brands, and animals of the internet. 🐱

But regardless of moving to the World Wide Web and ditching the celluloid – the way to stay in budget, on schedule, and ​beautiful remains the same for commercial, TV, and movie production.

What do you want to make? 

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📈 Project Management

Digital Producing, Post-Production, Account Management, PM

Who doesn't love a first class


The core of a successful project is communication and that beloved operational is the PM. 

Speedy and accurate articulation of each goal, challenge, and success are the groundwork for forward motion, knuckling down, and hard-earned celebration. 🎉

Did someone ask for a status update? Be still my heart!

🧩 Creative Operations

Studio Operations, Production Supervision, Digital Strategy

THE CANVAS IS DIGITAL. The timelines are shrinking. Technology writes overwrites, & rewrites the process.

Move at the speed of thought with

💾 a little tech savvy,

🎯 some creative strategy,

🧰 and toolbox of experience for production across video, motion, design, VFX, and games.

Welcome to the next generation of studio operations 🖖

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